Susie Mendelsson

to have and to hold specimens of humanity 6 heading off putting on a good face the weight of knowledge comfort and joy specimens of humanity

BRAND NEW ON THE WEBSITE! – a selection of images of recent work 2017–2018:

recent work 2017-2018 recent work 2017-2018 recent work 2017-2018

"Unbearably moving – an amazing collection of work." "Fantastic wild, wonderful work – so exciting!"
"Unsettling, beautiful and true as always." "Beautiful, ingenious and insightful."


Susie will be opening her studio and house in Woodbridge as part of Suffolk Open Studios on 8/9 June and 29/30 June.

Suffolk Open Studios are running a competition on Facebook to choose which image they will use for promotion in 2019.
The image with the most Likes or Loves wins. Click to see the photo gallery and vote for your favourite
(hint: Susie's is the three bottle-headed characters). Deadline is Friday 8 February

Susie is part of an exhibition called Love Tokens and Bad Pennies. Unsettled Gallery will be placing one artwork on the London streets during each day of February. Artworks will be accompanied by a new written work by a poet or author. The artworks will be placed in or beside fountains and sacred waterways in London. The public can view them or pick them up for free and take them home.